Mastering Arabic 2

av Jane Wightwick, Mahmoud Gaafar

Utgiven: 2011
ISBN: 9780781812542
Förlag: Hippocrene Books Inc.,U.S.
Antal sidor: 300
Vikt: 408 g
Höjd: 209 mm
Komponenter: Contains Book and 2 Audio CDs (Performance - spoke

This title includes a book and 2 CDs. Following on from the hugely successful beginner's course this is the first modern, engaging, intermediate Arabic course offering lively dialogues, varied exercises and fascinating cultural insights. This is the only user-friendly, accessible second level course on the market. It suits incredibly diverse learner base - self-study, through community college and school, to university primer/first year course. It is highly illustrated with clear page design. It is written by well known authors who promote their own products widely. It follows well established trade presence through "Mastering Arabic" and its companions "Grammar" and "Script". This is a new second level course following the hugely popular "Mastering Arabic". Written by the same authors, it uses a highly effective methodology to suit a wide range of learners, making it the most accessible, carefully-paced and lively follow-on course on the market.

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